Over the last few weeks Year 7 have been working really hard on their assessment on castles. They have been looking at how and why castles have changed over time. As part of this assessment they have had to do a presentation to the rest of their class. They have produced power points, drawn pictures, … Read more

Year 11: Mock Interviews

On the 19th January the year 11 pupils took part in a mock interview morning. The interviewees were made up of members from the local Rotary group as well as other business men and women from local industry. The morning is designed for pupils to get a real experience of what an interview situation might … Read more

Mock Results

On Friday 13th January the Year 11 pupils gathered together to receive their practice exam results. The exams were sat before the Christmas holidays in December and year 11 had been waiting eagerly to see how they had done. They gathered in the social court and their exam results were dispersed as they will be … Read more