Art & Design

Curriculum Leader:

  • Mrs M Woodward

About the subject:

The art room is a good space, with plenty of light for pupils to work. Work is displayed in the classroom and on the school corridors. The Art department is well resourced and pupils are encouraged to use a variety of media and a range of techniques. The curriculum over both Key Stages has been planned to introduce pupils to artists and cultures from around the world as well artists and artwork from Wales.

KS3 overview:

Lower school classes are mixed ability and average approx 28 pupils in a group and they receive 2 hours of Art per fortnight. Pupils are introduced to a range of skills, materials and techniques. Emphasis is placed on the pupils’ sketchbooks, one for homework and one for class work. The work of artists, art movements and different cultures are used to inform pupils’ work and are an integral part of their art work. Art homework is given once per half-term and should take pupils about 3 hours to complete.

KS4 overview:

GCSE Art & Design is a popular option for pupils. The classes are mixed ability and average approximately 25 pupils per year. Pupils work on three units of coursework each one requiring elements of research, development, analysis of artists’ work and the pupils’ own personal responses. GCSE pupils’ sketchbooks are very important as they help pupils to develop their ideas and enable them to see the development and quality of their work. Homework is set every half-term and the highest quality work is expected. Extra curricular lessons are offered to GCSE pupils every Thursday after school.


KS3 – Examinations are linked with the current topics and pupils will do exam “prep work” as homework in the weeks before their examination.

KS4 -Year 10 pupils do exam “prep work” before their examination. The exam work forms part of their portfolio of work.

KS4 – Year 11 pupils are given their examination question in February of Term 2 and must spend at least 4 weeks preparation time in order to complete their GCSE 10 hour examination. Course = 60% examination =40% of their final mark. The Art exam is currently set by the AQA exam board



Year 10 Gallery Visit

Cubist Drawings

Paper Making

Year 10 Pupils’ Sketchbooks

Examples of past GCSE work