Department Staff:

  • Mrs C Earing
  • Mrs K Moate
  • Mr I Barlow
  • Mrs N Ellis
  • Mrs G Mills
  • Mr K Price
  • Mr M Timbrell

About the subject:

Science is taught in modern laboratories by specialist teachers. Examination results and Estyn inspection demonstrate our success in ensuring all pupils achieve their potential.

KS3 overview:

Pupils are taught science for 6 hours per fortnight in mixed ability form groups in Year 7, and in ability sets from Year 8. Pupils follow an exciting new curriculum designed to enthuse and engage, making learning both current and relevant for our future scientists. Topics studied include Am I Human?, Waves for Health and Fantastic Plastic or is it? There are also a range of enrichment activities organised throughout the year.

KS4 overview:

Pupils are set according to ability and taught Physics, Chemistry and Biology as modular parts of WJEC GCSE science courses. Pupils receive 10 hours teaching and learning time per fortnight. Pupils are also given the opportunity to attend GCSE Science Live in year 10 which provides an opportunity to hear from some leading scientists about their research and get some exam tips from a senior examiner.


Exam Board: WJEC

  • GCSE Science Double Award at higher and foundation tiers.
  • GCSE Physics, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Biology at higher tier.