Welcome to St Joseph's

Welcome to our website which I hope gives you an insight into the life of our school. St. Joseph’s is unique in many ways, but, most noticeably because we are the only Catholic and Anglican shared church school in Wales. We serve the young people, families and communities of Wrexham and beyond.  We are a school for pupils of all abilities and we aspire to standards of excellence at all levels. With Christ at the centre, our faith and prayer underpins everything that we do, as a place of learning and as a worshipping community.

Our pupils are polite and respectful; our lessons are engaging and challenging. The school prides itself on its excellent pastoral care. Gospel values permeate the school, and all of the above is borne out by the overwhelmingly positive comments made by all who visit the school.

We have five year groups of 137 pupils. A large part of our mission is to ensure our pupils achieve their full potential in everything they do, and for each individual to aspire towards personal excellence.

Last year the school’s GCSE results were amongst the best - we achieved some amazing results in 2016 with 22% of pupils achieving 5+ A*/A grades, and 69% of pupils obtaining 5+ A*-C including English and mathematics. We are proud of being a good school but are determined to drive up standards to become a great school in the near future.

The staff of St. Joseph’s understand that education is a partnership which involves parents in the life and work of our school. This partnership is important because education extends beyond the school and into the family lives of our pupils. It also helps to ensure that our expectations of high standards of work, behaviour and appearance are maintained.

I do hope you enjoy exploring our website!

Chris Wilkinson


Mon 20th Jan
  • Y10 Assessment Week (until Fri 31st Jan)

Tue 21st Jan
  • 4:00 pmY9 Grove Park Collaborative Options Evening

  • Y11 English Controlled Assessment (until Wed 22nd Jan)

  • Y10 Mock Timetable and Revision List out

  • Y11 Mock examinations twlight re-sits/revision (until Thu 23rd Jan)

Wed 22nd Jan
  • 4:00 pmY9 Bersham Road Collaborative Options Evening

Fri 24th Jan
  • 9:00 amY9 Collaborative Course taster session

  • Y9 Results out

Mon 27th Jan
  • 3:45 pmY11 Parent/Carers Evening (3.45-6.30pm)

  • Holocaust Memorial Day

Tue 28th Jan
  • 9:00 amY7 Crucial Crew

Wed 29th Jan
  • 9:00 amY8 - 11 Tempest Photographs

  • 3:30 pmY11 'Choose your Future' Evening (3.30-7pm)

  • Y9 Option lines out

Thu 30th Jan
  • 9:00 amY8 and 9 HPV Vaccinations

Fri 31st Jan
  • Y9 Wellbeing Day

Mon 3rd Feb
  • 9:00 amY10 School Challenge Certificate - Enterprise

  • 3:45 pmY9 Parent/Carers Evening (3.45-6.30pm)

Tue 4th Feb
  • 5:00 pmY8 Maths Trip Information Evening (5-6pm)

  • 6:45 pmPTA Meeting (6.45pm)

  • Y10 Soli House Retreat (until Fri 7th Feb)

Thu 6th Feb
  • Y9 Option Interviews (until Tue 11th Feb)

Mon 10th Feb
  • 9:00 amY10 School Challenge Certificate - Enterprise

  • Y8 STEM Enrichment Programme

Tue 11th Feb
  • World Day for the Sick

Wed 12th Feb
  • 4:30 pmY10 and 11 Collaborative Parent/Carers Evening (appt only)

  • Wear It Pink Day

Thu 13th Feb
  • Y9 Pantasaph Retreat (until Fri 14th Feb)

  • Y10 STEM Enrichment Programme

Fri 14th Feb
  • Y9 Fundraising Day (Non-uniform)

  • School closes to pupils (3.30pm)

Mon 17th Feb
  • February Half Term (until Fri 21st Feb)

Mon 24th Feb
  • 3:00 pmY7 Parent/Carers Evening (3.45-6.30pm)

  • School opens to pupils

  • Y10 Mock Examinations (until Fri 28th Feb)

Tue 25th Feb
  • Y10 School Challenge Certificate - Communication

Wed 26th Feb
  • 10:30 amVoluntary service for the distribution of ashes (10.30am)

  • Ash Wednesday

Thu 27th Feb
  • 9:00 amY9 DTPo/MenACWY Vaccinations

  • Y11 School Challenge Certificate - Project

Mon 2nd Mar
  • Y8 Fundraising begins

  • Lenten Reconciliation Services (until Fri 6th Mar)

  • Y11 Assessment Week (until Fri 13th Mar)

Wed 4th Mar
  • 5:00 pmParent/Carer Voice session (5-6pm)

Thu 5th Mar
  • World Book Day

Fri 6th Mar
  • 6:00 pmY7 Disney Trip departs (6pm)

  • School Eisteddfod

Tue 10th Mar
  • 5:00 pmCAMHS Parent/Carer Engagement Session - Energy Drinks Awareness (5-6.30pm)

  • 6:45 pmPTA Meeting (6.45pm)

Thu 12th Mar
  • 7:30 amY8 Maths Trip departs (before school)

  • Y10 School Challenge Certificate - Communication

Fri 13th Mar
  • 5:00 pmY8 Maths Trip returns (after school)

Tue 17th Mar
  • Y10 Reports out to Parent/Carers

Thu 19th Mar
  • 10:30 amWhole School Catholic Eucharist

Fri 20th Mar
  • Y11 Art Examination

  • Y7 Reports out to Parent/Carers

Mon 23rd Mar
  • Y11 Reports out to Parent/Carers

  • Y8 Polish Oral Examinations (until Tue 24th Mar)

  • Y11 Art Examination

Tue 24th Mar
  • Y11 Spanish Oral Examinations

Wed 25th Mar
  • Y9 Reports out to Parent/Carers

  • Y11 Art Examination

  • 4:00 pmSpring Concert (4-5.30pm) (until Thu 26th Mar)

Thu 26th Mar
  • 6:00 pmY10 and 11 Drama Trip (evening)

  • Y8 Reports out to Parent/Carers

  • Y11 MFL Oral Examinations (until Fri 27th Mar)

Fri 27th Mar
  • PTA Non-uniform day (chocolate donation)

Mon 30th Mar
  • Y8 STEM Engagement Programme

Thu 2nd Apr
  • 6:00 pmSpring Bingo (7pm)

  • Y10 STEM Engagement Programme

  • Y11 Drama Examination

Fri 3rd Apr
  • 8:00 amLenten Assembly

  • 12:30 pmSki trip departs (1.30pm)

  • School closes to pupils (3.30pm)

Mon 6th Apr
  • 8:00 amY11 Drama Revision Session (am)

  • Easter Holidays (until Fri 17th Apr)

Thu 9th Apr
  • Maundy Thursday

Fri 10th Apr
  • 6:00 pmSki trip returns (7pm)

  • Good Friday

Mon 20th Apr
  • Staff Development Day

Tue 21st Apr
  • 5:45 pmPTA Meeting (6.45pm)

  • School opens to pupils

  • Y11 Welsh Oral Examinations (until Thu 23rd Apr)

  • Y9 Assessment Week (until Fri 24th Apr)

Thu 23rd Apr
  • Y8 Exam Timetable and Revision Lists out

Fri 24th Apr
  • Y7 Exam Timetable and Revision Lists out

  • Y8 Fundraising Day (Non-uniform)

  • D of E - Silver Award Practice Weekend (until Sun 26th Apr)

Mon 27th Apr
  • Y11 Welsh Oral Examinations (until Wed 29th Apr)

  • Y9 Assessment Week (until Fri 1st May)

Thu 30th Apr
  • 6:00 pmY11 Service of Celebration (7pm)

  • Y7, 8 and 9 National Reading and Numeracy Tests

Fri 1st May
  • 11:30 amY10 and 11 Enrichment Award ceremony

Mon 4th May
  • Y8 Examinations (until Thu 7th May)

Tue 5th May
  • GCSE Examinations begin

  • Y7 Fundraising begins

Fri 8th May
  • May Day - School closed

Mon 11th May
  • Y7 and 8 Examinations (until Fri 15th May)

Tue 12th May
  • 5:45 pmPTA Meeting (6.45pm)

Wed 13th May
  • Y7 Geography Trip - River Clywedog

Mon 18th May
  • Y7 Examinations (until Fri 22nd May)

Wed 20th May
  • Y11 Entitlement courses end

  • Y9 Reports out to Parent/Carers

Fri 22nd May
  • 2:30 pmSchool closes to pupils (3.30pm)

  • Y10 and 11 Enrichment programme ends

Mon 25th May
  • May Half Term (until Fri 29th May)

Mon 1st Jun
  • School opens to pupils

Tue 2nd Jun
  • 3:30 pmY9 Glan Llyn Information Evening (4.30-5pm)

  • 5:45 pmPTA Meeting (6.45pm)

Mon 8th Jun
  • Y8 STEM Enrichment Programme

  • Y9 School Challenge Certificate - Global Citizenship

Tue 9th Jun
  • Y9 School Challenge Certificate - Global Citizenship

Wed 10th Jun
  • Y9 Collaborative course Induction Day

Mon 15th Jun
  • Y10 Assessment Week (until Fri 26th Jun)

  • Y9 School Challenge Certificate - Global Citizenship

Tue 16th Jun
  • 2:30 pmArt Exhibition

  • Y9 School Challenge Certificate - Global Citizenship

Wed 17th Jun
  • 4:00 pmParent/Carer Voice session (5-6pm)

  • GCSE's end

Mon 22nd Jun
  • 5:30 pmNew Intake Evening (6.30pm)

  • Y6 Rocket Week (until Fri 26th Jun)

Tue 23rd Jun
  • Y10 Entitlement course ends

Fri 26th Jun
  • 5:00 pmY6, 7 and 8 Disco (6pm)

  • 5:30 pmY11 Leavers' Ball (6.30pm)

  • Y7 Fundraising Day (Non-uniform)

Sun 28th Jun
  • Germany Trip (until Sat 4th Jul)

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