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Welcome to our website which I hope gives you an insight into the life of our school. St. Joseph’s is unique in many ways, but, most noticeably because we are the only Catholic and Anglican shared church school in Wales. We serve the young people, families and communities of Wrexham and beyond. We are a school for pupils of all abilities and we aspire to standards of excellence at all levels. With Christ at the centre, our faith and prayer underpins everything that we do, as a place of learning and as a worshipping community.

Our pupils are polite and respectful; our lessons are engaging and challenging. The school prides itself on its excellent pastoral care. Gospel values permeate the school, and all of the above is borne out by the overwhelmingly positive comments made by all who visit the school.

We have five year groups of 137 pupils. A large part of our mission is to ensure our pupils achieve their full potential in everything they do, and for each individual to aspire towards personal excellence.

Last year the school’s GCSE results were amongst the very best - we achieved some amazing results in 2019 with 35% of pupils achieving 5 or more A*/A grades, and with a cohort average of 402pts in the new interim Capped 9 measure. We are proud of being a good school but are determined to drive up standards to become a great school in the near future.

The staff of St. Joseph’s understand that education is a partnership which involves parents in the life and work of our school. This partnership is important because education extends beyond the school and into the family lives of our pupils. It also helps to ensure that our expectations of high standards of work, behaviour and appearance are maintained.

I do hope you enjoy exploring our website!

Chris Wilkinson





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