Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Leader:

  • Mrs R Large (German & French)

Department Staff:

  • Mrs L Roberts (French)

Mission Statement

The Modern Foreign Languages Department at St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican High School aims to ensure in every pupil the highest degree of confidence, fluency and enjoyment of foreign languages and cultures.

Pupils are encouraged to grow in their self-worth through the broadening of both interest and intellect, but more especially though the sense of achievement.

What we do

Each classroom is equipped with a number of desk-top computers and an interactive whiteboard.  We also have a trolley containing 30 laptops which can be booked out.

In Key Stage 3, pupils have four 60-minute lessons of either French or German per fortnight and are expected to complete homework once per week.  This can range from written work, display work, learning words and phrases, research, practice of language, use of ICT and the internet.

Pupils are given a host of websites to visit and we are particularly pleased to see pupils using these for independent study.

Pupils in Key Stage 4 also have the opportunity to use the Kerboodle website and have an individual account which they can use to access support and complete independent learning tasks.

We also visit Germany and France bi-annually; the most recent visit being a trip to Boppard, Rhineland in July 2023.  A visit is planned to France during July 2024 for pupils studying French in years 8 and 9.  For the last 2 years, we have taken a small group of Key Stage 4 pupils to Bruges for a long weekend to experience the Christmas markets.

We work closely with universities in Wales, as well as Routes into Languages Cymru and access the Student Mentoring programme, whereby students studying at university have undertaken taster sessions either online or in person.