13/06/2019 07:51am – Sontley Road is closed due to a fallen tree by the school – WCBC are aware. Please do not attempt to drive near the school this morning.  If travel by car is necessary, please make arrangements to drop and pick-up children away from the school.

School Open Today

School is OPEN as normal today for all staff and pupils. Care should be taken when on site as condition remain icy. Parents who drive their children to school should where possible drop them off further away, and our pupils should then walk in to school for the final part of the journey. Please ensure … Read more

The Science of Dragons

On Wednesday 5th July 2017, all year 7 pupils took part in the Welsh Government funded roadshow “The Science of Dragons” presented by Scientific Sue. They saw and assisted with many exciting science experiments that are relevant to the Key Stage 3 Curriculum, but if that is not enough, the whole show was themed around … Read more

TCC Concert June 2017

On Friday 23rd June 2017, St Joseph’s participated in the Together Creating Communities Concert that took place at St. Giles Parish Church. St Giles Church was aglow with the musicians from St Joseph’s, St Mary’s Singing Squad and “Elvis Cymraeg”! It was a wonderfully diverse concert which raised much-needed funds for this worthy charity. I … Read more

CânSing 2017

St Joseph’s were proud to host their own CanSing event in the School Gym on Friday 16th June 2017. The event was opened by Suzanne Barnes, Director of CanSing and led by Ruth Evans, Animateur and Welsh National Opera singer. Joined by our invited guests from St Christopher’s School, everyone enjoyed rhythmic and vocal warmups … Read more

Routes into Languages Cymru

Congratulations to all who took part this week in the Routes into Languages school final of the French and German Spelling Bee. We are pleased to announce that Seweryn Dzikowski and Alyssa Aranas (German) and Gabriel Pebeyre and Katie Jones (French) will be representing St Joseph’s in the all Wales final towards the end of … Read more