GCSEs Summer 2021

Yesterday, we received notification that our current Year 11 pupils will not be sitting GCSE examinations in the summer. The Education minister has taken the decision to replace formal external examinations with assessments that will take place inside the classroom. Her press release made it clear that these assessments will be set and marked by the WJEC examination board. Other than the information outlined above, we are not in possession of any further clarity regarding the future arrangements. I’m sure that, like me, you will have many questions that remain unanswered.

It is extremely important that pupils continue to work hard, complete their classwork, and keep up with their homework.  You can view their homework by asking them to login to their Google Classrooms via HwB. If you believe that your child is struggling with outstanding work, it is important that they speak with their teacher / form tutor – we can only help if we know there is an issue.  I am extremely conscious that we have some pupils who put themselves under huge amounts of pressure to always complete work to the best of their ability, and equally there are some who do not manage to motivate themselves to complete very much (and there are those who find themselves somewhere in between).  Success in Year 11 usually involves a lot of hard-work, a positive attitude, and excellent attendance. Despite the challenges we are currently experiencing, we must ask the same of each and every pupil – this is a recipe for success, will allow them to reach their potential, and none of us can ask for more than this.
I will be working with Welsh Government as part of the Design and Delivery Advisory Group, and will be advocating on behalf of all young people to ensure we have a fair system in place!

Kirsty Williams letter and and press release is available here : https://gov.wales/wales-approach-qualifications-2021-confirmed-education-minister-kirsty-williams

I look forward to providing you with further information in due course.
Mr Wilkinson