GCSE Results 2020

Thankfully, we are able to gather together with our Year 11 students to celebrate the culmination of their time at St. Joseph’s. Their experience of Year 11 was prematurely brought to an end in March – yet, today is an opportunity to meet together and mark this important milestone in their lives.

The pupils of St. Joseph’s are able to go on to the next phase of their educational journey with the GCSE grades that they so rightfully deserve. We are extremely proud of their five years of secondary education, their hard-work and determination, the positive attitudes, and their enthusiasm for learning. As ever, St. Joseph’s pupils are ready to play their full part in society, and for whatever they move onto next.

Headteacher, Mr Wilkinson says:

“Following a long period of uncertainty, anxiety, and unprecedented challenge, this cohort of pupils leave a legacy that they can be proud of. They have navigated their way through a difficult time. They have contended with speculation, news reports, and the added anxiety of not knowing how their grades would be calculated. Yet, each have a set of grades they can be incredibly proud of. The pupils, staff and governors of St. Joseph’s wish each and everyone of them the very best for the next phase of their education. ’’

St Joseph’s is delighted that seventeen pupils gained 10 or more GCSEs at A* or A grade. With seven pupils gaining 13 or more GCSEs all at A* or A grade. Five pupils were issued over 12 GCSEs at the highest possible A* grade.

The Headteacher also stated:


“Over 50% of all of our Year 11 pupils attained either an A* or A grade in their GCSE Religious Education! This is of course a core and flagship subject for our school. We are delighted with the individual performances of all our pupils. However, there is particular commendation to Evie Huhtala (14 A*s), Megan Barlow (13 A*s), Isabel Acton (12 A*, 1 A), Katie Stansfield-Jones (12 A*s, 1 A), Holly Thorpe (12 A*s, 1 A), Hira Sahi (11 A*s, 2 A), Aimee Edwards (10 A*s, 3 A), all of whom thoroughly deserve these excellent grades! Of course, there a far too many examples of outstanding performances for me to mention them all. There weren’t any exams this year – there was certainly plenty of talent!



Of course, this was the Year 11 cohort who immediately prior to lockdown were able to demonstrate their extremely high calibre to Estyn and Section 50 inspectors! ’’