Year 11: Mock Interviews

On the 19th January the year 11 pupils took part in a mock interview morning. The interviewees were made up of members from the local Rotary group as well as other business men and women from local industry. The morning is designed for pupils to get a real experience of what an interview situation might feel like and to give them the opportunity to prepare for the interview, not only in terms of what their CV might look like or what they are going to say but also how they should dress for the occasion.

All the pupils took part with enthusiasm as well as some nervousness, with feedback from the interviewers being very positive.

“The pupils always impress at St Joseph’s and it is always a pleasure to meet them and conduct the interviews throughout the morning. They have a real quality about them, and although they can be nervous this is rarely shown in the interviews that they give.”

Rotarian Member

The pupils gain a lot from the experience and many feel that it really does help them when they go to interviews for college places or apprentice positions.

“The interview was a really good experience. The interviewer was really nice and helpful, and this helped me to relax and be able to say what I wanted to with confidence and clarity. The feedback that I got was also really good and I know what I could do differently next time that I am in an interview situation.”

Year 11 Pupil