Yr 11 GCSE Results 2021

Today, we are exceptionally proud of the achievements of our outgoing Year 11 pupils’. The results of this cohort are extremely well deserved and are a testimony to their hard work and dedication over the past few years. In spite of adversity and challenge they have responded to the demands of the assessment process for 2021, and have done so in an admirable way.

Fourteen pupils from the class of 2021 achieved 10 or more A* GCSE grades. Notable achievements came from our Head Boy and Head Girl who achieved 26 A* grades between the two of them – Tom Bagnall receives 14 A* grades, and Ruby Booth receives 12 A* and 2 A grades. Mia O’Brien, Ethan Le-Cheminant, Oliver Scarsbrook and Scarlett Williams each achieved 13 A* grades. These pupils’ were amongst the 38% of pupils who achieved 5 or more A* grades.

In 2021, 83.5% of all GCSE grades were at grade C or higher, and this is 2.1% higher than the 2019 cohort (who were the last to sit ‘normal’ examinations). GCSE outcomes of this nature and calibre are a direct result of the determination, endeavours and aspirations of young people to succeed.

Of course, in November 2020, it was announced that examinations would be cancelled and alternative arrangements would be put in place for these pupils. However, the alternative arrangements had to be jettisoned when it was apparent that school would not re-open for face-to-face teaching after the Christmas holiday. Instead, the Minister authorised schools to make holistic GCSE grading judgements based on assessment evidence and attainment of learners. For this cohort pupils completed over 12,000 assessments. These assessments were overwhelmingly made up of WJEC modified examination papers, which in turn were marked according to the official marking schemes, and graded using the WJEC official grade boundaries. These judgements were subject to internal quality assurance procedures (assessments were second marked) and those procedures were themselves subject to external quality assurance procedures. It is due to this robust assessment process that we can have complete confidence in the grades that have been awarded.

I am incredibly proud of each and every young person who receives their results today. The whole school community celebrates the sterling efforts of each pupil, teacher, member of staff, and parent / carer, in getting them to this point. I wish each of them success and blessings as they move into the next phase of their education, employment or training.

Mr Wilkinson