Weekly Bulletin: 2 October 2020

Issue2-2 October 2020

St. Joseph’s is using Google Classroom to provide remote learning (in the event of a whole or partial closure). Pupils and parents can expect a mixture of the following:
  • Work will be set according to the timetable (stick to the timetable in order the help manage workload)
  • There will be one live streamed lesson per class, for each subject, every week of absence that will last no more than 30-40 mins – this will allow the opportunity for any set tasks to be completed. All live lessons will be recorded to safeguard everyone in the lesson – these can then be replayed when necessary.
  • Pre-recorded lessons with extremely short instructions; these will often introduce either a task or to teach a new concept.
  • Task Setting  (as per the summer)  – a task or activity with written instructions / resources which is both manageable and reasonable in the time set.
  • Pupils who have regular time with a Teaching Assistant will get a daily telephone call (for a child with 25hrs support this would normally be daily and less frequent for those with less hours of contact).