Update for Parents / Carers

Dear Parents / Carers
I hope that you are keeping well. I know that a good number of families are currently affected by symptomatic, and  positive Covid-19 relatives at home. I wish and hope for a speedy recovery, and as mild as possible symptoms for anyone who is currently unwell. 
Lots of schools in Wrexham have closed to some of their contact groups / bubbles this week. The prevalence of covid and the increased transmissibility does not appear to have dissipated. In fact, since the pandemic began, this week has been the very worst when it comes to closing school to certain year groups. I am grateful to all of you for your patience, forbearance and support.
Year 7 Isolations Hopefully, year 7 pupils will return to school on Monday 28th June 2021. Since Monday, a number of pupils who were symptomatic went for PCR tests – please let us know the outcome of these before Sunday. Any test taken after Wednesday would not be relevant to the rest of the bubble.
Year 9 Isolations Year 9 pupils can return to school on Wednesday 30th June 2021. We are looking forward to having pupils back in school!
Year 10 Isolations It is with regret that today public protection advised that our Year 10 bubble needed to isolate. We have had a number of Year 10 pupils who left school during this week because member of their family had tested positive. Subsequently, positive cases amongst pupils themselves have meant that this year group will move to online learning until the end of Friday 2nd July 2021. These pupils will then return to school on Monday 5th July 2021. 
Year 8 Parents Evening By now, all parents should have been able to sign up to the online system and book appointments with teaching staff. As of close of the day today 60% of parents have done so. The parents evening will take place on Monday 5th July and I would you to make your appointments sooner rather than later. Any unused teacher appointments will be made available to parents in advance – we will message you to let you know if and when they become available. 

Mr Wilkinson